crazy dorks (◕‿◕✿)
go! b.a.p - yongguk


i don’t even know what winner is doing anymore they’re just at the airport all the time

Hyung line



Talk about being subtle, guys. -.-

Everyone getting it on durin Check On and Junhong just (´ヮ`)


sometimes I think Exo should be a little harder on the sasaengs like give em more shade ‘cause part of the reason why Block B doesn’t have a lot of them is because Zico glares at them like he wants rip their kidneys out

Their smiles ♥
Their smiles

taehyung dancing to the red shoes (분홍신) by iu ©

Choi Junhong vs. balloons: 1-1

sleeveless yongguk :)

Jongup`s dance solo @ LOE Chicago